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At J^3 Creations, we believe that progress towards a more inclusive world is made through awareness and conversation. As leaders, it’s important to exercise your company’s ability to be diverse. Through our training, we can tackle the barriers that stand in the way of a company’s internal and external growth.

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Diversity And Inclusion: Not Just About Race

Race isn’t the only topic that creates biased filters: economic status, disabilities, sexuality, gender…

 the list goes on. Many people feel hindered and uncomfortable in the workforce because of what makes them different. Through companies and organizations engaging with J^3 Creations, leaders can become aware of certain discussions and challenges, helping improve their workforce and job possibilities, regardless of what differentiates them.

Our President

Upon his entrance into the workforce, Joe Lugo was surprised to realize at what level bias in the workplace was prevalent. He witnessed the discrimination and bias himself, and also observed many others facing great obstacles because of who they are, which in turn prevented these businesses from reaching their highest potential. 

Joe Lugo wholeheartedly believes that culture brings about beauty, and will improve a company in every way. Based on that belief, Joe founded J^3 Creations, which helps develop organizations that realize the value in diversity and inclusion. 

As a community leader, proud Puerto Rican, and diversity coach, Joe helps people understand life’s many filters through his non-exclusive mentality, and aids them to best reconsider their filters to shape our outlook on the world. Joe has made his life goal to defend those who have been limited in opportunities because of who they are, and puts his life into his work with the goal toward a more beautiful, inclusive future.

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Our passion is to open doors to diversity in a non-threatening atmosphere to help our clients reach their full potential