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Why Is It Important To Understand The Value Of Diversity and Inclusion?

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Investing in inclusion builds companies, not only internally, but also through the lens of consumers. As the world becomes more progressive by prioritizing diversity, consumers are looking more deeply into the companies that they’re contemplating spending their money on.

When consumers feel that a company emphasizes inclusion as they do, they tend to want to support and remain loyal to them. Attracting clients while attracting great talent, the ROI of diversity and inclusion coaching and training goes beyond the internal vision of the business.

3 Things Successful,
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A company is only as successful as its employees. An inclusive company culture sets businesses apart in the job market, and when employers begin to broaden their scope from the conventional employee to a more diversity-driven approach, the benefits go beyond the offices’ walls. Through J^3 Creations’ diversity and inclusion training, leaders are developed and as a result businesses thrive in their market.

Relevant And Practical Solutions

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  • Coaching
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“I had the privilege to attend a diversity workshop led by J3 Creations and Joe Lugo. As Head of School at a private school, the information presented was pertinent to our changing culture and very inspirational. Participants walked away with a thorough and/or clear understanding of diversity; how it affects the culture or climate of a business community; how leaders can foster inclusion and not division, and how celebrating diversity strengthens business communities.
Joe Lugo is a gifted speaker and motivator. The workshop was an all-day event. I was engaged throughout the event. It was evident that Joe lugo is passionate about strengthening business communities by educating leaders about diversity and inclusion.”
Ms. Crystal L. Mascaro
Head of School
“I highly recommend Joe Lugo and J3Creations. I used this company for a seminar for my entire staff on inclusion, leadership and diversity in the workplace. Mr. Lugo was well prepared, energetic, engaging and presented incredible information in a very interactive way for my staff. The seminar was well received and enjoyed by all. This presentation made a very positive impact on my staff and I know it will do the same for any organization that uses J3Creations for this purpose.”
Glenn Davis
Senior Pastor
Countryside Christian Church
“Joe Lugo presents material during his DRIVE Training (Diversity Respect Inclusion Value Equity) in an engaging & non-threatening manner that encourages all participants to open their minds & really embrace concepts that they may never have thought about before. Weaving personal experiences with real life situational encounters allows everyone the perspective needed to recognize & overcome their own unconscious bias.
Throughout the day, participants were challenged to view various scenarios through their current experiential lens but also from the framework of a change-agent. It gave me the opportunity to understand the role I have been trying to find for myself in the area of Diversity & Inclusion.
I highly recommend DRIVE Training for individuals & organizations looking to take the next step toward truly valuing people.”
Matt Jackson
Integrated Care Physicians
Joe Lugo J3 Creation President

A Mission-driven Approach
To Development

“In the face of a rapidly-developing world, I discovered that the key to remaining highly-relevant was to mirror the true face of our communities, instead of remaining stuck in our assumptions.”

—Joe Lugo, President

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“Diversity isn’t optional; it’s vital.” —Joe Lugo

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